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Mentiradeloro (Esther Cuesta de la Mata, 1987) began her career as an illustrator in 2010, sometime after finishing her degree in Plastic Arts, Graphic Design and Illustration in Segovia (Spain).
In her early years as an artist, her pictorial work was essentially autobiographical, being her main aim to capture her feelings, concerns and her peculiar way of understanding and conceiving the world.
Currently, apart from being focused on the development of her own universe and creating countless commissioned portraits, she works as a freelance illustrator carrying out projects for clients from very different sectors and countries.
She has a special predilection for traditional techniques, although she often combines them with digital ones. Her working tools range from brushes to tattoo needles, including a wide range of materials. She is passionate about experimenting, mixing and discovering new combinations.
She received commissions from the award-winning video game publisher Bethesda Softworks LLC, the prestigious creator of series such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. She has made illustrations for a for a well-known museum in North Carolina (USA), a renowned wildlife documentaries producer and she has worked for different publishers, advertising agencies and both Spanish and international companies (she had the creative position in one of these companies for 5 years). Her illustrations have been used in packaging designs and she has also illustrated several music album and magazine covers and accepted commissions from different public institutions.
Although she has her own characteristic and easily recognizable voice and style, she is also a versatile artist capable of adapting to the demands of each assignment.

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Awards and recognition

2021. IV edition of Contemporary Artistic Creation Scholarships

Finalist, Castilla y León Foundation

2016. One of the 100 Spanish illustrators you should know

Named by

2014. II International Illustration Contest
Finalist, held by the «Grupo Tinta Viva” institution

2010. “New Creators”, Product Design Category

Winner, held by Caja Segovia Foundation

Events and exhibitions

2023 – Krunch! Festival (Encuentro de creadores, cómic, ilustración y rock&roll), Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), España.

2022 – Krunch! Festival (Encuentro de creadores, cómic, ilustración y rock&roll), Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), España.

2021 – “Human landscape”, Galería de arte Zaca, La Granja (Segovia), España.

2020 – “Error 404”, Casa Joven, Segovia, España.

2019 – “Error 404”, Mercado Municipal, La Granja (Segovia), España.

2018 – «Mujer y arte» (Collective exhibition) – Casa de la cultura, La Granja (Segovia), España.

2017 – “Error 404” – Librería Intempestivos, Segovia, España.

2016 – Collective exhibition – Dabadaba, San Sebastián, España.

2016 – “Scraps of Soul Vol 7” – Cículo Saviñao, Lugo, España.

2015 – “Scraps of Soul Vol 6”- Ramacafé, Segovia, España.

2015 – Collective exhibition – La Salchichería, Salamanca, España.

2014 – “Scraps of Soul Vol 5” – Espacio Torrelodones, Madrid, España.

2014 – “Mostrando al mundo otros mundos” – Talent Lab, Barcelona, España.

2014 – Collective exhibition – Palacio de Quintanar, Segovia, España.

2014 – “Scraps of Soul Vol 4” – La Bodega del Barbero, Segovia, España.

2014 – “Scraps of Soul Vol 3” – The Suitcase, Madrid, España.

2014 – “Scraps of Soul Vol 2” – Casa Joven, Segovia, España.

2013 – “Scraps of Soul” – Mercado de la Albuera, Segovia, España.

2013 – “Mentiras de mujer” – Restaurante Azabache, Segovia, España.

2012 – Collective exhibition – Casa de la cultura, La Granja (Segovia), España.

2007 – Collective exhibition – Casa de la cultura, La Granja (Segovia), España.